Comments from TAXI reviews

“Hot, biting guitar licks”
“Excellent, strong vocal”
“Solidly crafted in the classic blues vein”
“Swamp feel…clean, excellent lead guitar playing”
“Great evocation of classic sound”
More quotes:
“Smooth as my last woman…kind of like rich chocolate.”
“Memorable songs…powerful and sincere lyrics”
“Killer blues…as good as it gets”



Bad Habit by Pat Carr
“This is (by far) the BEST recorded blues I’ve heard this year.
I’ll BE askin’ Pat …for REVIEW material, for sure!”

Dick Metcalf – Improvijazzation Nation issue #108

Pat Carr – SOME KIND OF BLUES: One of the things I’m always lookin’ for is a great blues set… the kinda’ music that takes ya’ all the way DOW-un before it makes you realize just how good you really have it. Pat’s got that down to a science… as you listen to “Evil, Evil”, you’ll hear why I’m all hepped up about “Some Kind Of Blues”! It’s not only that Pat has some killer blues to play, he also has just the kind of krus-tee vocal style that makes it totally authentic! If you want something a bit more laid-back, scope out the genuine home-style pickin’ on “Nola Blues” & kick back with a brew – harp’s killer on here, too! My absolute favorite track, though, was “Bad Habit” – just can’t help thinkin’ “Elvin Bishop” & “Paul Butterfield” when I listen (repeatedly) to this one. If blues is your thang, this comes MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by this ol’ blues bird. I give it an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.97, too! Get more information at ReverbNation/PatCarr


Soundclick review of “Evil Evil”

This is certainly a Blues Masterpiece. Your voice is fantastic.
Great song and music….excellent lyrics.
–5 star Rating. Countess Lekzee, Soundclick


Soundclick review of “Bad Habit”

Michael Duran is right, this is blues that anyone could
love – folk, rock, blues enthusiasts, et al. Straight up lyrics
sung gritty and bluesy, but with a style so blues that it just
leaks from your voice to guitar to drums and lix.
Simple bass line is approachable and hook is addicting (ironicly!).
Loved it.
–5 star Rating. Joyce Davis, Soundclick


Soundclick review of “Carolee”

Your blues voice in this song is gutsy and just right
for the song and the music like the guitar lix, rhythm guitar
and bass line. Melody is nice blues line and lyrics with a
great hook – especially with background singers.
Overall this is a classic electric blues song in the Gary Moore style.
–5 star Rating. Joyce Davis, Soundclick


Soundclick review of “Nola Blues”

I almost rated the lyrics and vocals on this song,
’cause I can hear the song being sung – a great compliment!
Love the song. Nice guitar work.
–5 star Rating. Joyce Davis, Soundclick


Blues Road review of Some Kind of Blues

Pat Carr macht “handmade” Blues. Er kommt aus Colorado (USA)
und ich hätte ihn wohl nie kennengelernt wenn er nicht die
BluesRoad gefunden hätte und öfters im Radio zu Gast wäre.
Das ist aber nicht der Grund warum ich euch die CD empfehlen möchte.
Man spürt aus jeder Note die er spielt die Liebe zu dieser Musik.
Man kann sich fallen lassen und geniessen. Kein Kracher oder
Bluesrockknaller sondern einfach eine Scheibe in die man sich
verlieben kann. Auf P.W.`s Homepage oder seiner MySpace Seite
könnt ihr ein paar Beispiele hören. Kaufempfehlung!!

Pat Carr makes “handmade” Blues. He comes from Colorado (USA),
and I probably would never have become acquainted with him if he
had not found BluesRoad and often been a guest on the radio.
However, that is not the reason why I would like to recommend the
CD to you. One senses from each note he plays his love for this music.
You can kick back and enjoy. No Kracher or Bluesrockknaller, rather
simply a disk you can fall in love with. On P.W.’s homepage or his
MySpace site you can hear a few examples.
Purchase recommendation!!

–Shenandoe, Blues Road Newsletter


GarageBand review of “Evil Evil”

Smoooooooth! I love the sound of a real horn in a blues mix! You had
me from the intro. The vocalist is a dead ringer for Robert Cray. The
song is in his style but better due to the sax which played tasteful
pentatonic licks. I was about to say the song just needed some tasteful
guitar to make it whole, when to my pleasure, one broke in at the 3:30
mark. This song is as good as it gets as far as I am concerned and I will
be looking for more from this band. Man, even the vocal arrangements
were spot on.
Well Done! Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Production, Melody,
Mood, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm.
– review

FatCat Radio review of “Put Yourself In My Place”

“Put Yourself in My Place” – I love the gritty, acoustic sound of
this song. I really like how Pat’s vocals and those of the female in
the song play off of each other. This song is a recent addition to the
Indigo Lounge and I really enjoy it. Congratulations to Pat Carr! Your
song “Put Yourself in My Place” – has earned: The FatCat Featured Song
of the Week!
–Jen, FatCat Radio


RootsTime review of Put Yourself In My Place, RootsTime CD of the Month

~~~~ note: this is (loosely) translated from Dutch.

From Broomfield, Colorado, reached us a new CD of singer-songwriter
Pat Carr. An extraordinary interesting character who over a number
years has written very memorable songs. Some bitter and critical of
the social structure, some extraordinarily funny and cynical. With
regard to style, Carr reminds much of spirit relatives such as Clapton
and Knopfler.

Already at the first listen we were seized by the
powerful and sincere lyrics of this jewel. Pat grew up in Louisiana,
where he started his career as French Quarter street zanger. As a
young knaap he listened mainly to Southern soul and R&B, to artists
such as Irma Thomas, Professor Longhair, Slim Harpo, Rufus Thomas,
Clarence Frogman Henry and Aaron Neville. Later he played guitar,
bass and mandolin in many bands in New Orleans and in the city of
Denver. Afterwards it was just as quiet around this man. Obviously
is he simply not just a fast writer, or possibly you must consider
this man more as a good wine, which must finally also quietly mature
before he richly becomes full and of taste. “Put Yourself in My Place”
is a good example of this, it is a CD which is intense and
character-full with a firm aftertaste, which makes you want to taste

Without already too much dedicating concerning the contents of
the songs, we can say that Pat is a man that really has something to
say. Pat Carr, besides being a madman guitarist, has been blessed with
a splendidly multi-purpose voice sound with which he can sing, besides
low, also considerably high and alternately very beautifully subtle,
but can also sound raw. Also by the arrangements and instrumentation,
Pat’s music is inspired by everything from the gospel blues of Blind
Willie Johnson to New Orleans soul, by delta blues and hard Texas
blues to bluegrass and country.

“Put Yourself in My Place” is Pat’s first album. This album, a
splendid varied album with melodious fine songs, has been mostly
inspired by experiences in the relational area. Using timeless
instruments such as acoustic and electric guitars, drums, keyboards
(and a beautiful sax solo by Billy Warren in the bluesy “Evil Evil”)
all numbers on this CD one after the other are splendid tales in
themselves. From the acoustic gospel blues in the opening titeltrack
to the last gem, the instrumental “Soul Mate”, we are treated to an
hour or more of quiet soul/blues in “I’m Jealous” and “Setting Yourself
Up To Be Lonely”, the rockende “I Can’t Go On” and beside still some
other instrumentals are our favorites – the blues songs: “Mean Streak”,
“Carolee”, “Bad Habit” and already named “Evil Evil”.

Listening even over and over to this disc, it is extraordinarily
worth it. For this reason this relative unknown Pat Carr the designated
CD of the month has deserved very well.
–Freddy Celis,