Two New Single Song Releases

I have released two new recordings of songs inspired by my daughters.

“Love So Sweet” is an upbeat, acoustic country/folk song I wrote when my first daughter was a baby. She showed me that children are like what the Bible tells us we should all be like — loving and forgiving. They may get their feelings hurt, but they immediately let go of bad feelings and give you forgiveness and love.
The cover art is a painting by that same daughter.
Pat Carr – acoustic guitar and vocals
Chip Monroe – bass and lead guitar

“Welcome To The Family” is a song I wrote when my daughter accepted Jesus Christ as her savior and was baptized. I think it needs an angelic voice for the vocal, but I don’t have one.
It was never released on a CD, because it did not fit the blues genre.
That same daughter took the photo for the cover art.
Pat Carr – vocals, guitars, bass, drums
Lil’ L – keyboards

You are invited to check them out. Click on “View Track List” at the Music Store on PWCarr Music.